RANJ stands for

  • Quality

    Ranj Serious Games is a worldwide specialist in serious games development, having created over 400 games since our start in 1999. We have been ahead of the game ever since. Over the years we have built up a deep understanding of translating learning objectives into highly engaging gameplay. We know what works and what doesn't. We aim high and constantly strive for quality and impact.

  • Creativity

    We have always been pushing the limits. Many of our games have received international awards, such as the Japan Prize and a number of European Innovative Game Awards. Our products are based on creative and innovative game formats that succeed in engaging and are effective in reaching their educational goals.

  • Partnership

    Creating serious games is a highly complex and collaborative process involving game designers and domain experts, and where appropriate, the client. In this process we are an excellent sparring partner for our clients. We are good in finding working solutions for complex problems and understand how to implement games in your organization. Having gone through this process many times, we have become experts in understanding corporate problems and handling client dynamics.